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Sodium metabisulfite: high quality Food grade or industrial grade for sale in China


Sodium metabisulfite (Na2S2O5) is an inorganic compound, which is white or yellow crystal with strong irritating smell. It is soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is acidic. When it contacts with strong acid, it emits sulfur dioxide and generates corresponding salts. If it is stored in air for a long time, it will be oxidized into sodium sulfate, so sodium pyrosulfite cannot be stored for a long time. If you want to buy Sodium Metabisulfite at competitive price from China manufacturer, please contact sales@tnjchem.com


Physical and chemical properties

Melting point: 150 ℃ [2]

Density: 1.48g/cm3 [2]

PSA:124.92000 [2]

LogP:0.27220 [2]

Appearance: white crystalline powder with sulfur dioxide odor

Solubility: soluble in water, the aqueous solution is acidic. Soluble in glycerin, slightly soluble in ethanol.



For the production of sodium hydrosulfite, sulfamethazine, metamizole, caprolactam, etc; For the purification of chloroform, phenylpropanesulfone and benzaldehyde. The photographic industry is used as the ingredient of fixing agent; The perfume industry is used to produce vanillin; Used as antiseptic in brewing industry; Rubber coagulant and dechlorination agent after bleaching of cotton cloth; Organic intermediate; Used for printing, dyeing and leather making; Used as reducing agent; It is used for wastewater treatment in electroplating industry and oil field, as well as mineral processing agent in mines; It can be used as antiseptic, bleach and loosening agent in food processing.



25kg/woven bag or 1100kg/big bag