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TNJ Chemical attended the Middle East Coating Show 2024 in Dubai

04-22, 2024

From April 15th to 17th, 2024, TNJ Chemical participated in the Middle East Coatings Exhibition held at Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate in Dubai. The Dubai Middle East Coatings Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates is the only specialized event in the Middle East coatings industry, and the three-day exhibition provides important business and exchange opportunities for the coatings industry.


Chemical Manager Mr. Eric Ba and Ms.Olivia Zhao led a team to Dubai to participate in this exhibition. The TNJ brand has a high level of popularity and reputation in the chemical industry, with products such as CMC, HPMC, and titanium dioxide being highly recognized by customers in international markets including the Middle East. During the exhibition, our exhibitors had discussions and exchanges with customers from the Middle East about the sales and usage of TNJ products.

TNJ Chemical takes this exhibition as an opportunity to showcase its products, listen to customer feedback, further expand market space, and strive to build a win-win sales platform for domestic and foreign customers.