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TNJ MOC held a briefing on work summary of 2021

01-26, 2022

On the afternoon of January 26, TNJ Market Operation Center (MOC) held a briefing on 2021 work summary and commendation. All colleagues of MOC attended the briefing. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Hong, deputy general manager of international marketing department.

The meeting summarized the work in 2021. In 2021, the market operation center achieved a total sales of 241.8 million yuan (equivalent to 38 million US$) in domestic and foreign markets, and exported TNJ products to more than 130 countries and regions in the world, especially in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Under the influence of multiple factors such as soaring sea freight, RMB appreciation and raw material prices in 2021, our market operation center can maintain good sales performance and grow steadily, which is the result of the joint efforts of all colleagues in the center.

At the meeting, all colleagues reviewed and summarized the work in 2021, and said that they would take the past year as the starting point to sum up the experience and lessons, and hope to continue their efforts and push their work to a new level under the leadership of TNJ chemical headquarters in the coming year.

After the meeting, the company held an award ceremony. All personnel are awarded bonuses according to their annual performance; Cash awards were given to individual awards. This year, three colleagues in the market operation center won the automobile award. The automobile award is a special award given by TNJ to colleagues who meet the performance standards every year. TNJ pays all cost of the cars, including cars cost, annual maintenance cost, direct fuel replenishment, etc.

It is hoped that the MOC will create more brilliant achievements in 2022!